Talent Looks Good on Her

Anna-Maria Nikolova is a girl that paints the essential things of her inner world, which are so rich and expressive that they cannot leave you indifferent. One part of her plan is supported by the magnificent paintings, influenced by expressionism, which will make you reflect.

Q: You are only 12 years old but you already have an exhibition of your own behind you… when did you find out that painting is important for you and which part of it attracted you the most?

I have liked painting ever since I was a very little girl. Paintings are my world. I paint with acrylic and oil. I call my paintings “scratches”, as I do not think too much about the rules when I choose colors. Sometimes I even have the feeling that I don’t know exactly what I am painting, but when the painting is done, I have the feeling that I have painted a small fairy tale. For me, painting is the best way to express my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Sometimes, my paintings are very dull, and my friends ask me why I use only dark colors and whether I don’t have lighter shades in my palette. Many people were surprised by my painting about September 11th, and about the airplane that was shot down in Ukraine, about the prisoner, and many others. Many things in life impress and excite me. Especially tragedies, bad news. They impress me so much that I cannot help painting them. Not to be reminded of them but to share my hope that they will never happen again.

Q: In a popular arts website, they call you “the young sorceress of expressionism” – is that your favorite style in fine arts?

Yes, expressionism is my favorite style as it makes me feel free when choosing colors and shapes. That is my way of expressing my feelings.

Q: What great painters and their lives inspire you?

I very much like Edvard Munch, Van Gogh, and Claude Monet. The life of Van Gogh is what impresses me the most. It is very unfortunate that a great painter like him had such a tragic destiny. Although, he has painted flowers too. Last year in Los Angeles, I saw his painting “Irises” – it is very different from his sad self-portraits.

Q: Which is your favorite painting from another artist and which one of yours is your favorite?

There are many paintings of other artists that I like, but the one I am most impressed of is Van Gogh’s self-portrait with his cut ear. And I really would like to see the original of “Scream” of Edvard Munch. Of the ones I have painted, “The Man Crossing the Street” and “Grandpa Dobri” are my favorites.

Q: You are a student at the French Lyceum, how do you like the idea to live in Paris one day?

I really like the French language and culture but I have never thought about studying or living in Paris. I would like to live in the United States of America, in Los Angeles. Last year, I was there with my sister for a summer drama school and I liked it a lot. I like acting and I truly believe that I could become an actress, although it is very hard to make it in Hollywood if you are not American. A while ago I asked my dad whether he knows a famous actress that is also a good artist. He could not think of one. I told him that I would do anything I could to become the first successful actress and artist.

Meeting Irina Maleeva

Anna-Maria (right) with Irina Maleeva and sister Philippa in Beverly Hills, California.

It was in 2017 that acclaimed Bulgarian/Italian actress Irina Maleeva first met Anna-Maria in her native Sofia, Bulgaria and was immediately impressed with the young girl’s paintings and her mature outlook on life along her many other skills. Irina arranged for the first-ever U.S. showing of Nikolova’s intensely expressionist artwork in July 2018 in West Hollywood, California, as her way of bringing to the greater world the caliber of young talent found in Bulgaria.

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