A Rational Man in an Emotional Crisis


This is a portrait of a man who looks in control on the outside but is losing control on the inside.
He maintains an image that, in reality, has nothing to do with him. He is struggling both physically and mentally.
I painted the space around him very dark to symbolize the absence of light in his life. I created the effect of his appearance being washed by the dark world to illustrate how he tried to conquer it alone, within himself.
My main goal was for his eyes to speak the truth: that he is battling inside and is hiding the pain.
He emits a very straightforward look with his eyes looking straight into your soul. He wants to ask for help, but he is afraid even to mention it. I painted him in a suit to symbolize him trying to look put together and hide the pain in his soul with professional and classy clothes.

Acrylic on Canvas

50 x 50 cm