My Medicine


It all started:

Sew Stitch Stitch

No, doesn’t work, ditch this

Tape, glue, glue

This red heart is all blue

Cut it all up

Again I slipped up

Looking for someone to mend it all up

But then they ripped it all up

So I have to stitch it back up

But I can’t do it alone; I need backup

Maybe a hookup?

Or bottoms up?

No that won’t work

I have to sew it all up


Sew Stitch Stitch

No, doesn’t work, ditch this

I left it broken.

I sought help.

Everybody has their own medicine.

You got to find yours, they said.

And I did.

This. Is. It.

Art gives me my strength back.

It gives me power.

It completes me.

It heals my soul.

It stitches my ripped heart.

And makes it beat.

It draws the path of the blood flow in my veins.

It opens up my mind and connects it to my soul.

That is the magic of it all.

How about you?

What is YOUR medicine?