UK Debut Exhibition “The Hidden Inside”

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An exhibition by Anna-Maria Nikolova
Faces, Feelings, Bodies, and The Unseen

Anna-Maria Nikolova debuts her bold works for the first time in the heart of London on October 13th, 2022 inspired by love, tragedy and the excitement of life.

Our facial expression conveys emotional states that sometimes we want to conceal. However, success in hiding them from others will turn into devastation for ourselves.

Anna-Maria thrives when she dives into the depths of unseen emotional states. “Our emotions are like a palette of sensations, coloured with sadness and joy, hope and despair. It was an exciting challenge to depict this storm of emotions with one single stroke. My work expresses the joy of discovering what is hidden inside us.” Anna-Maria

Drawing on a diverse range of contexts, Anna-Maria’s works help us better understand ourselves and the world we experience.

Anna-Maria is an emerging artist currently living in London and studying at Hampstead Fine Arts College.

The exhibition runs from October 13th to October 30th at “Sofia” Gallery, Bulgarian Cultural Institute, 188 Queen’s Gate, South Kensington, London SW7 5HL.


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